Disability Awareness Month

Disability Awareness Month

March is Disability Awareness Month in Wayne Township.
The following videos highlight our students, staff, and families in Wayne Township.

This video is a brief introduction to an amazing young lady at BDHS. Haley Sumner is truly an inspiration! Click here to view her story.

This video features another one of our Project SEARCH success stories. I love that Edward is excited to now pay bills! A big Thank You to Mr. Bill Murray, our Wayne Township teacher who leads the Project SEARCH program. Bill takes our graduates fresh out of school and helps them realize their full potential. Click here to view this SEARCH success story.

We asked the students of BDTV what this project has meant to them. Click here to listen to the students of BDTV.

Please enjoy our video for Monday featuring Jazzmyn Ellsworth from Westlake Elementary. Click here to view this video.

High School students sharing information on Bullying. Click here to listen to this students message.

Ben Davis students sharing what Disability Awareness means to them. Click here to view this message.

This video features Ashley, a young lady who participates in our Area 31 Career Center. Ashley was born deaf, but now through the help of a cochlear implant, she is able to fully participate in her education without barriers. Click here to view her story.

So proud of this young lady. If you ever wonder what our students with special needs go on to do after high school….some of them get full time jobs working at the Government Center. Way to go Desiree! If you want to know more about the Wayne Township program that helped Desiree train for and obtain her position, click here.

This Disability Awareness video features the hard working students in Lauren Pfister’s Life Skills class. These students share our message, that all students can learn! Click here to watch this video.

Check out Kyle Clemons from Robey Elementary School. This young man has some great self-advocacy skills! Click here to watch this video. Way to go Kyle!

This video features Corro, one of our Pathways students who spends a portion of his school day learning valuable job skills as an intern at Gleaners Food Bank. This is a great opportunity to learn the skills needed before leaving high school for “the real world.” Click here to watch Corro’s story.

I hope you enjoy this great video highlighting Patrick Wells and Mr. Rick Crosslin. These two have a love for Science that makes them a great learning duo! Click here to watch this story.

This video features Jonathan Raymond from BDHS. Click here to view Jonathan’s story.