SEL–Resources for Educators

SEL Resources for Educators

Tiered SEL Supports

When we think about teaching children academics, it is widely accepted that every child has various skills and different needs. Some lessons and assignments are for the entire class, some are for small group or individual students. In order for students to be successful, teachers differentiate, provide various supports, and individualize instruction to meet the needs of all.

When we think about children’s social, emotional, and behavioral skills and needs, this same principle needs to be applied.  There are practices, routines, and skills to institute and teach that will benefit all students. This is what we consider to be Tier 1. Beyond that, there are some teachings and practices best reserved for those who need even more intentional and explicit instruction. This is what we consider to be Tier 2, which roughly 15% of students will fall into. If there is no improvement after 4 weeks of intervention at Tier 2, this is when Tier 3 options would be explored and put into place.

The chart below contains ideas at each Tier you can implement in your classroom starting today! By following a tiered structure (as seen below), we have the greatest chance of meeting students where they’re at to build the skills they need to be successful.