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Stakeholder Coalition

It is important to our district that we hear from multiple stakeholders within our school district, as well as our community partners and the families we serve. We gather quarterly as a team to provide a platform for discussion, decision-making, and the sharing of multiple perspectives. Our focus during the 19-20 school year was on creating a self-reflection tool for building teachers and administrators to ensure SEL is embedded into all aspects of the school day. Our focus during the 20-21 school year is exploring the intersectionality of SEL and equity to ensure our practices are inclusive, don’t re-traumatize students, and meet the needs of all learners.

Coalition Meeting 1 (9/17/2019)

Coalition Meeting 2 (11/14/19)

Coalition Meeting 3 (2/6/2020)

Coalition Meeting 4 (5/14/2020)

Coalition Meeting 5 (10/8/20)

Coalition Meeting 6 (12/3/20)

MHW Committee

As a part of our Project Aware grant, we have created a mental health and wellness committee that will address the various tiers of mental wellness support for our students, staff and community. This team will receive on-going training around Neuroscience, trauma-responsiveness, and wellness strategies throughout the year. Our hope is that through these trainings inequities faced by our staff and students will be brought to light, addressed, and actionable steps will be taken to create a more inclusive environment for all.

Mental Health & Wellness Committee Meeting 1