Special Education

Special Education

Indiana Parent Survey

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) is asking for your help with an important survey to learn more about how Indiana families feel about the special education services that schools provide. The survey is easy to complete and asks you to rate various items regarding your experience in working with school staff and about the special education services your child has received. All survey responses are confidential, and no individual information is disclosed. You do not need to answer a question if you do not want to, and your school will not be able to identify you as a responder to the survey. The results will be totaled and used by the Indiana Department of Education and school districts. Thank you. When you get to the School District – please choose MSD Wayne Township (5375).

You have two options for responding to the survey:

  1. Online – complete the web-based version of the survey at: http://form.jotformpro.com/form/42805655713962
  2. Paper versionIndiana Parent Survey English
    Indiana Parent Survey Spanish

If you do not have access to a computer or to the internet, the school will help arrange access for you.

Please remember, if you have more than one child receiving special education services, you will be asked to complete one survey per child after the annual case conference.

Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Brandon Myers at the Office of Special Education at bmyers@doe.in.gov or at 317-232-9144.

Accessibility Statement

MSD Wayne Township is committed to ensuring that our educational materials and websites are accessible, equitable, and usable to everyone. Accessibility is a core component of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and it is referenced throughout the UDL Guidelines.

We strive to follow best practices based on federal requirements outlined in Section 508—the “Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards,” authorized by the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board—as well as recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

If you encounter a problem accessing materials, information, or technologies at MSD Wayne Township or would like to provide feedback, please call or email

Child Find:

Child Find is the process of locating, identifying and evaluating all students 3 years of age, but less than 22 years of age, who are in need of special education and related services, regardless of the severity of their disabilities. MSD Wayne Township provides a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) to any child who qualifies as having a disability, in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Indiana’s Article 7.

MSD Wayne Township is responsible for locating all children ages 3, but less than 22 years of age with a suspected disability who reside within the district.

After receiving a referral for a suspected disability from a parent or school personnel, a team of qualified professionals reviews all available information, including input from the parents and interventions implemented, to determine if a child who is having academic, behavioral, communication, or health problems is suspected of having a disability. Within 10 school days of a parent request, the school must provide the parent written notice responding to the request. If the school agrees to evaluate the student, the parent must provide written consent before the evaluation may begin. Once consent is received by school personnel, the school will evaluate him or her at no cost to the parent within 50 school days.

Children who are identified as having a disability are eligible to receive special education and related services, at no cost to the parent.

What to Do if You Suspect A Disability

If your child is age 2-1/2 through 21, attends any school within the MSD Wayne Township boundaries or you live in our community and you suspect your child may have a disability, you should contact us for more information.

School-Aged Child

Any individual (ie: parent, teacher, principal) suspecting that a child has a disability that could possibly require special education services, should contact their child’s teacher, school counselor or building principal to discuss options.  The school may suggest:

  • providing additional support in the classroom prior to a referral to special education.
  • reviewing your child’s school performance with the school’s general education intervention team or building based support team.
  • investigating your child’s eligibility for a 504 plan.
  • referring your child for a special education evaluation.

Every effort will be made to assist the child at the building level prior to the school initiating a referral.  If strategies fail, the school will seek permission for testing from the parent.  If, at any time before, during, or after one or more of the above options are implemented, the parent may request an evaluation to determine whether their child may be eligible for special education services.  This request should be clearly communicated to the child’s teacher, school counselor or building principal.

Preschool-Aged Child

If the child is preschool age (3-5 years of age) and you suspect he/she may have developmental delays, please contact the Wayne Township Preschool at (317)

Revocation of Special Education Services

You have the right to change your mind. Giving consent is voluntary. You can revoke (withdraw) your consent in writing at any time. Your written revocation should be sent to the school or the special education director. If you revoke your consent, it is not retroactive and does not cancel an action that the school has already taken.

By revoking your consent for services, you are telling the school to stop providing all special education and related services. This includes all special instruction, related services, accommodations, adaptations, modifications, and anything else provided in the student’s IEP. You cannot revoke consent for only some of the special education services.

After notifying the school that you are revoking your consent, the school must provide you with a written notice that they will no longer be providing services to the student and that they will stop providing services 10 school days after you receive the school’s written notice.

After 10 school days, the student will be placed in general education without an IEP, and the student is no longer considered to be a student with a disability. This means that the student will be held to the same standards of accountability, expectations, and disciplinary consequences as any other student without a disability.